This Is The Device Your Kids Should Actually Be Using Instead Of An iPhone

October 11, 2022

If you're anything like us, you freak out when your kid's bus is late and the school fails to inform you.

You get a little nervous when your kid is cruising around the neighborhood and you don't have a way to contact them.

We get it. We see you.

Personal devices are great for emergency situations and peace of mind! It's awesome that we have this capability in 2022!

There are 2 things that we'd do BEFORE we give our kid a personal device:

1. Sit with them and review rules and expectations. Using our Media Mindfulness Course can give you every single step of this process and comes with videos and a workbook for you and your child to complete.

2. Research the devices on the market. Instead of giving your kid your old iPhone, take a look at some of the newer technology that comes with built in monitoring tools and restrictions.

In this episode of the Be a Problem Solver Podcast, we are talking about one of these devices, the Pinwheel phone. We're getting into the details of why that old iPhone that you've had in your junk drawer isn't the best choice for a new phone user.

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To learn more about the Pinwheel Phone (#af), click here:

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