The Best Science Teacher I Ever Had

October 18, 2022

We are always talking about how important it is for your kids to find their "thing." But what comes along with that is a trusted adult that can help guide them along the way. Oftentimes, this isn't a parent, but instead a coach, teacher, or leader.

The following is about the best science teacher I ever had...

Mr. Kurtz was into disco, tracking deer scat and reporting his findings to us, and singing the praises of his home nation, Canada! Seriously, this guy was totally fun, a great teacher, kinda nuts - the perfect blend.

Since I was a science nerd, level 1000, I ended up working with him a lot because I was doing research projects and submitting them to fairs and competitions, and Mr. Kurtz was my mentor.

His craziness was just one of the fun things about him - he also was a great cheerleader, just as excited for me as my parents. He helped me navigate a fairly competitive world of really, really brilliant scientists and other young and insecure minds. Sometimes we just hung out, and got no work done. Other times he gave me great feedback on things to edit.

I have had one or two other great mentors in my adult life, but none of them stand out in my mind like Mr. Kurtz.

Your kids need a Mr. Kurtz.

This week on the Be a Problem Solver Podcast, we are talking about trusted mentors with Hillary Parnell of the Academy of the Performing Arts in Apex, NC. She has some great insights on how mentors can help kids build their social-emotional skills and increase self-confidence.

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