Groups + Classes

Groups + Classes

The objective of our groups is to develop self-advocacy according to developmental level, in order to increase problem solving and healthy relationship forming.

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Social Skills Groups

Our groups do not “train social skills.” Rather, we help our clients see perspectives of the world and understand why and how their actions may differ from those who are neurotypical — and that it is o.k.

Parent Retreat

We are planning an amazing parenting retreat weekend in Raleigh, NC. The retreat will not only have educational presentations and the opportunity for group chats, but we will also enjoy yoga and breathing workshops and charcuterie and wine tasting workshops.

Leadership Academy

Colleges Are Looking For More
At the Be a Problem Solver Leadership Academy, your teen will earn a Certificate in Media Mindfulness.

Cortex Club

Social Skills & Advocacy
Social relationships are one of the fundamental keys to a happy life for many people! Not only can having great friendships provide us with fulfillment, but the social skills gained throughout our lives help us to navigate relationships across so many settings!

The Positive Player

Focus & Flow Through Sports
Our program, “The Positive Player: Focus & Flow” is tailored specifically towards athletes and teams who want to improve their athletic performance using the power of the mind. Research shows that this mind-body connection is one of the most important parts of excelling at a sport or craft, and can help athletes reach their full potential. Our counselors have specialized experience and training in working with kids, adolescents, and athletes, making The Positive Player program an area of passion for us!