Trauma is a b*tch.

That’s right, we said it.

We have talked a little bit about Dr. Cory’s childhood trauma several times on the podcast, but now we are going into detail about what his life experiences have meant for finding purpose, healing, and becoming a person.


Tech is not the bad guy. It’s a part of the world we live in. Instead, our message is that, as parents, we try our best to be intentional about how we talk about, introduce, and increase our flexibility around device use.


Is your tween starting to be a jerk?

Here are some typical tween milestones to put your mind at ease.


Let’s say that you’re with a friend or partner in your kitchen and you notice the house is nice and calm. You’re enjoying the quiet of the house as your child is in their room.

Sometimes this is a recipe for disaster if your children are immersed in technology or playing video games with headphones on. They could be getting bullied in their own rooms without you knowing it.

That is not to totally freak you, but…


What’s the thing Dr. Cory talks about more than anything else?

The toxicity of shame. The feeling of not being enough…being less than…comparing ourselves to others and not measuring up. Kids nowadays are going through the toxic shame spiral now more than ever.

This week Dr. Cory talks about what he calls shame triggers and how…


You need to get ahead of online predators, here’s how you do that

UGHHHHHHH. I sometimes have nightmares about the Lovely Bones. Have you ever read that? It’s a great novel, but a horrifying story about a child predator.

We hate that we have to even bring up the topic of online predators, but unfortunately, they do exist in our current society.

If you’re anything like me,