Prepping for the college essay process can be easier than you think

October 25, 2022

My college essay really sucked. it was difficult to write because I didn't really know enough about myself, and I was just trying too hard to be creative.

I compared myself to mint chocolate chip ice cream. it was a stretch.

I got into some of the colleges I applied to, but looking back, I kinda feel like..."meh...i don't know that i identify as mint chocolate chip ice cream..."

The truth is that colleges are asking our high school teens to be this bold, introspective, self-aware human that their brain typically isn't quite ready to be.

We ask so much of our teens because we think they are "almost adults" but the truth is that executive functioning skills and mental health build over time, at different rates for every child.

This is why the college essay process is tricky, and can be confusing. This week on the Be a Problem Solver Podcast, we are diving into this process with our guest Sadie Harper of

She's a total gem and an expert on this topic, you will enjoy her insight into the teen world, as she has two teens of her own!

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