LGBTQIA+ Resources Are Really About Suicide Prevention

November 1, 2022

Really well done research studies don't typically lie. and we know from studies on lgbtqia+ youth that this population is at greater risk of suicide than the typical adolescent population.

For families and LGBTQIA+ youth, finding resources that are a good fit can be a challenge. We always encourage clients to find the counselor or resource that is the right fit, but this is especially true for the LGBTQIA+ where suicide prevention is key.

Check all the stats in an easy-to-read format right here.

As a society, we have to do better at providing resources to families with a youth in the lgbtqia+ community.

This week, our guest, Brittany Bate of Be Bold Psych, shares how to vet resources for lgbtqia+ - informed care. she is a wizard and an absolute wealth of knowledge!

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