Does YOUR baggage interfere in your parenting?

November 8, 2022

Don't write that email for your kid.

When you write the email to your kid's teacher here's what happens:

1. Your kid doesn't learn how to write that email.
2. The teacher will be confused why it's coming from you and not the kid.
3. The kid will likely get annoyed with you.
4. Your kid misses the opportunity for practicing self-advocacy.


Doesn't sound so pleasant when it's written out like that.

Here's a secret: your kid is capable of writing that email. They may need some level of guidance, but they can do it. And plus, it's undoubtedly THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT life skill that they need in this world.

We are constantly evolving in our parenting. Sometimes some old wounds may boil up from our baggage and make it difficult to parse out what's really happening with our kids.

Tune in to this week's podcast to learn more about why self-advocacy is the skill that I talk about most in my work, and why you should be too.

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