Podcast: Should We Be Trying To Raise Our Kids Like It’s The 90’s?

June 21, 2022

“Hi, this is Katie, is Nina there?”

That’s how most of my phone calls from my home landline to my best friend’s home landline went. Neither one of us were part of the lucky few that had THEIR OWN PHONE LINE!

There were kids that went to our school whose parents had an additional phone line installed in their house so that they could receive calls on their own.

Man, I was so jealous of that. It meant that others couldn’t listen in. And you could even get your own answering machine!

It wasn’t just about the phone line though. It was about the freedom, independence, sense of personal responsibility, and the practice of social skills and nuances that came with making and receiving calls.

Think about how much executive functioning and perspective-taking takes place in one of these interactions. You have to juggle so much in your head for that one second when someone else in the family picks up the phone. Who am I asking for? What do I say? What is my own name??!!

On this week’s episode of the Be a Problem Solver Podcast, we are talking about those juicy benefits of raising a “90’s kid,” like building social interactions and increasing face-to-face time with actual human people. Click below to take a listen!

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