Podcast: Our Best Recommendations For Introducing A Personal Device To Your Kid

June 14, 2022

My dad was super thoughtful and knew it would be a good idea to give me his (somewhere between 1989-1992) Subaru GL 2 door. He drove this beauty for a few years before getting a new car, and retiring her in the garage until I could drive in high school.

By the time I got her, only one window rolled down, the AC didn't work, and subsequently, my sister cut part of her finger off on a deli meat slicer, and I rushed her to the hospital in my Subaru while she gushed blood all over my front seat.

That car was simple. She had a purpose, she got me from point A to B, while giving me the freedom to be independent.

This is NOT like keeping your old iPhone, with the high hope that you can pass it on to your tween who has been begging for a phone in a year or two.

Introducing phones isn't as simple as my plain 1989 Subaru. They are complicated and require monitoring, boundary-setting, regulating hits of dopamine to the brain, and a new level of digital safety and citizenship that didn't even used to exist.

On this week's podcast, we are talking about our top recommendations for introducing a personal device to your kid. It's worth a listen if you had planned to pass on the old iphone.

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