How To Avoid Your Kid Being Bullied Inside Their Own Room

July 19, 2022

Let’s say that you’re with a friend or partner in your kitchen and you notice the house is nice and calm. You’re enjoying the quiet of the house as your child is in their room.

Sometimes this is a recipe for disaster if your children are immersed in technology or playing video games with headphones on. They could be getting bullied in their own rooms without you knowing it.

That is not to totally freak you, but really just make you aware that this is possible.

The reality is that even many games that seem innocent are difficult to monitor. Kids can be cruel, and not all parents are aware that online bullying is even occurring.

In this week’s episode of the Be a Problem Solver Podcast, Dr. Cory gives his tips on how to monitor online activity to prevent these types of interactions from happening. You can listen here.

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