Connection Time Without Screens: A Daily Checklist

April 19, 2022

Connecting with your family (without technology) is something to be mindful of.  Take a minute to view the checklist and consider your day so far.

Have you:

  • Put your phone/electronics in another room so that you can give all your attention to family members?
  • Participated in a screen-free activity as a family (game night, listening to music together, etc)?
  • Eaten a screen-free meal as a family?
  • Completed non-preferred or screen-free tasks (i.e. chores, household duties, work/homework)?
  • Asked someone in your family about the best part of their day or something they're looking forward to?
  • Discussed "Media Mindfulness," or the way that screen-use is making each of us feel?

And, remember, you're doing your best!

Would You Like Further Help?
Please contact us for additional information and support.  And, check out the info on tech mindfulness.

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