The Positive Player

The Positive Player

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At our practice, we work with so many kids and adolescents who are working on managing anxiety, overcoming fears, honing down their skills and talents, and making strides towards becoming who they want to be!

Our program, “The Positive Player: Focus & Flow” is tailored specifically towards athletes and teams who want to improve their athletic performance using the power of the mind. Research shows that this mind-body connection is one of the most important parts of excelling at a sport or craft, and can help athletes reach their full potential. Our counselors have specialized experience and training in working with kids, adolescents, and athletes, making The Positive Player program an area of passion for us!

Focus & Flow

The Focus & Flow method incorporates identifying our strengths and challenges, and then using mindset tweaks to overcome the tricky, and exploit the great! We use a combination of group activities, individual reflection, movement, mindset work, and open discussion in each of our sessions.


  • Understand anxiety and how it affects play
  • Recognize fears and triggers for anxiety
  • Reduce anxiety and see positive outcomes


  • Create routines and coping skills for success
  • Learn visualization and coping skills for team play and life


In this 4-week program, our counselors will come to your team’s practice location (or an agreed-upon location) for 4 one-hour sessions. These sessions will be conducted by Jessica and Dr. Cory.

The 4-week program is $350 per player.

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