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We are Kate Melillo and Cory Clark, a husband-wife team specializing in media moderation and adolescents. Using our unique backgrounds as a speech-language pathologist and a mental health counselor who work with children and adolescents, we take a different approach to parenting in the digital age. Our unique blend of expertise allows us to teach parents and kids how to incorporate executive functioning skills, social skills, and mental health awareness into the current digital climate.

We see children and adolescents daily in our private practice, as well as coaching parents. These interactions allow us to not only help build skills, but see the most pressing and important issues related to digital safety and screen use. We are constantly keeping up with new apps, games, trends and products targeted to children and teens.

Using these guides for digital safety will give you:

  • A jumpstart on knowing where to look for digital safety pitfalls
  • Concrete ideas for which devices may be preferable to your family’s needs
  • A new way to approach your child about digital safety topics

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